Good Things

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Delicious home cooked meals
Wine…lots of it
Soaking in the sun
Pool and Jacuzzi
Deep house up loud
Green eyes
Dark chocolate
Tequila with lime, agave and ice
The beach
Rain and thunder
Running and pushing weights
Love to sweat
Love texting
Love feeling tipsy
Love Coachella
Love imagining
Love loving
Need art and music
Love generating ideas
Love people
Love huge events and pressure to perform…love INTENSITY
Love everything edgy
Love what makes me feel alive even if it hurts
Love people who are different…and authentic….and real
Love feeling sexy
Love life

Love it all

Written some time in Summer 2014


A Snapshot


Community is my religion
Our children are my reason for being
Music is my unbridled passion
Running alone is my therapy
Coffee is my drug
Creativity is my spark
Sexuality is my drive
Writing is my release
Humor is my sanity
Challenge is my excitement
Strength is at my core
Love flows in and out of me

November 22, 2014