If I were to write about Ashley

I’d write about your freckles and tenacious curls. Stretchy short skirts capping strong legs in comfortable shoes.

I’d note your pillowy breasts and friendly cleavage barely contained in your tank top. Your smiling eyes framed with subtle lines that make me think of the Australian sun and make you feel like the kind of person one can always go to.

I’d write how your forehead creases, your mouth closes and you remain very motionless when you listen. Then you ask those questions that need to be asked.

You deliberate almost too much but when decisive you have the courage to face monstrous waves, anguished teens, uphill hikes and going where you need to go alone … when you need to.

I’d write about how your good natured grin is slightly off kilter, suggesting your readiness to play.

I’d mention the Kings of Leon and being Zen.

November 7, 2015


If I were to write about Richard

I’d write about how you derive comfort from colloquialisms. I’d note the way you tilt your head and say “it’s all good” even sometimes when it’s not. I’d note your long, legged gait and lanky frame that seems to want to curl in at the edges to not be imposing. I’d write about how you place one hand in your jeans pocket while the other pushes your hair back behind your ear. You look up to the sky when you are coming up with an answer to a question someone just asked you. I associate you with honey toast, rainy weather in Sydney and kindness.

November 7, 2015

If I were to write about Angelique

I would write about the way you always stand in a way that looks like you are completely grounded and ready for action all at once.

That twinkle in your eye even when the rest of your face is completely serious looking.

The way you are centered while a storm erupts around you and how you are physically and emotionally so much stronger than your relaxed manner and goofy humor would initially convey.

I’d note your wit, compassionate nature and ability to know just what to say at the right time although you would never think that about yourself.

I’d write about your vibrancy and the way you like to coordinate your attire.

I’d compare you to Sporty Spice with depth.

November 7, 2015