Rule the World

Corruption has moved into the big White House. It lurks in those offices, and slides through spaces that are steeped in history. Spaces where many have stood before, shoulders heavy with the weight of responsibility and hearts bursting with the honor that comes with this privilege.

This corruption feels like sickness. It looks like dirt.

Many others have passed through those hallways. Gifted, eloquent,  experienced and there to serve. Diplomatic. Politically astute. Carrying out their duties with care and conscience. Sometimes misguided in my opinion. Sometimes leaning in a direction I couldn’t appreciate, but never like this.

Never this low.

Rotting trash thrown on a national treasure. Staining the walls, marring the floors, bringing damage to what was once intact. Systems established and finetuned over 240 years with mechanisms in place for social change, political discourse, and progress. Imperfect and flawed but accountable and functional for the most part. Government polished and aged.

Fourty four leaders, versed in civics and policy with a respect for the law and our democracy, to varying degrees, and I admit for a couple, this description does not fit well, but they at least maintained a basic level of decorum when dealing with other world leaders, the press and the scientific community.

The fourty fifth is something else.

Now I smell the stench of corruption seeping out from within those White House walls, wafting across our cities, permeating our open land, sinking into the earth, into our lives, into our future.

I want to wash it away, wash it all away.

It is like the sticky remnants of a terror filled dream that leave you feeling like everything has changed and all is wrong now. You can taste the dread and the dawn light doesn’t help you feel any better. The gloom stays with you, like a heavy cloud. Gray and ominous.

They are darkness, greed and trickery. They laugh at us. They marvel at how easy it was to convince so many to open the gate for them.

They formed a plan, made some deals, pushed some lies, and then bristled with pride and glory as their supporters pumped their fists and bared their teeth.

They rode in on a wave of hate, fear and resentment. They pitched us against each other. They divided and conquered.

They are drunk with their rank and self righteousness and they think they can do anything.

They think they can do anything…

They think they rule the world.

Perhaps now they do.

February 2, 2017


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