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December 19, 2016



Signs of Celebration


There is a building supply company on my regular jogging route and during the election campaign period there were several Trump signs up facing the street. That bothered me but it wasn’t the only place I saw them so I sort of tried to ignore them.

On November 9 I went on my run and it was a Trump/Pence extravaganza outside the front of the business. Must have been at least 6 very large Trump/Pence signs, a MASSIVE American flag hung between two red white and blue lit palm trees, a picture of Trump stuck on one of the oil derricks, a huge “Make America Great Again” sign and some more flags around the place and there of course was the massive, lit cross in among this fanfare. So anyway, I felt physically sick when I first saw it and cried some. Then each time I’ve jogged by this display I have tried to just tell myself that I am here, and my friends are here and that everything will be OK, and that this too will pass.

Tonight I felt like I couldn’t face it and almost decided to run an alternative path.

After thinking about it for a moment, I decided I wasn’t going to let some signs, even with all that they represent stop me from doing what I need to do and go where I need to go.

I just ran past the business and all that is left is the face of Trump on the derrick, the lit palm trees, 1 small flag and the cross. The display is down and I felt strong relief.

I like to think that the celebratory, victory signs were torn down in the night…or perhaps people stopped doing business with them…or perhaps the City made them take them down finally because they violated some city signage ordinance.

Sort of fitting that all that was left of Trump in that space was his face on an oil pump.

December 5, 2016