How the fuck can there be organized hate in the US in the form of white supremacy? Neo-Nazism? Who the fuck are these people, where did they come from, and how in earth can we as a society tolerate this poison?

We, meaning America and her allies, fought the Nazis in World War 2 and then spent decades afterwards trying to understand how the holocaust happened. We tried to understand how something so unimaginably horrific and depraved could have actually taken place so that we could collectively stop it from ever happening again. 

So we stand in our time with history stretched out behind us and we understand how fascists gain power. We know what propaganda is and how fascists use it to manipulate the masses. We know that one of the ways to encourage your followers to commit atrocities against targeted groups and individuals is to  systematically dehumanize your victims. We also know that whipping up hate and resentment toward targeted groups builds unity and power within your followers and increases their desire to act out on their hate. 

We know that if we give fascists power to enact their ideology they will destroy us. They will stop at nothing. If they control the police and the military, we will need to rely on outside help to save us.

We know that the only thing to stand in the way of something like the holocaust ever happening again is us and our resistance. 

If we resist on every level, and remain strong and be very smart we may be able to get through the next four years fairly intact to then elect a new President and administration into office.

Problem with fascists is that often they don’t allow free elections and if they do allow them in theory, they are often rigged in reality.

How did we get to this point in this country after all we have fought for both here on US soil and all over the world? Where are those true American values that much of the world once considered as benchmarks of a developed civilization?

If those values still exist that made this country strong at one time, then we have to live by them now, stand firmly together and “make America great again” through compassion, courage, the pursuit of justice, fairness, strength, kindness, hard work, persistence and goodwill towards others.

Resist friends. Resist against the tide of intolerance and hate that is darkening our lives.

Shine as brightly as you can. 

November 29, 2016


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