It’s All Strategic

It’s all strategic. Pence attending a Broadway musical and Trump responding the way he did on Twitter. Everything they do, they do with intent.

Pence holds strong anti-LGBT views and would like to take the rights of LGBT people away.
Broadway theater has been a bastion of the arts, a safe and inclusive place for artists, people of all ethnicity, musicians, and the LGBT community. In fact, Broadway celebrates and embraces diversity.

The musical Hamilton celebrates much of what Pence stands against. The cast of the show was affronted by the pure fact that he was in the audience but instead of being confrontational they make an appeal to Pence to do the right thing when he is in office.

In response to this appeal Trump tweets like a mean school girl, twisting the fact of what had occurred to turn people against the people who made the appeal. He demands an apology from the cast for making their statement and request on their own turf. Trump is a bully. He has been doing this type of thing all along. He is an expert at manipulating these situations to the satisfaction of his followers.

This wasn’t Trump just being a little bitch. This was strategy.

Pence attended that Broadway show to make his presence felt within that community. Pence is making a statement, an attempt at appropriating this safe space, and thus making it unsafe. By attending a Broadway show on the eve of him and the rest of Trump’s cabinet taking control of the government Pence is basically saying “fuck you” to the LGBT community and their allies. He can go where he pleases. He can do what he pleases. These fascists are turning our country into an unsafe place where people are threatened in their daily lives-at school, at work, in the streets, and then Trump tells his followers that it was the cast of Hamilton that made the theater “unsafe”.

And don’t be surprised that Trump continues to use twitter.
Keep in mind how he and the people who campaigned for him used social media to communicate to his followers, spread lies and manipulate the masses. It’s what gave him rise to power. It’s his way of manipulating truth. Remember what he is. He has no values. No conscience. He will twist everything and manipulate his followers always. He will use our fear, hurt and anger against us. When we fall down he will encourage his followers to mock us. He won’t quit. And the more threatened he feels he will get nastier and more vitriolic and deceitful. He will do anything to try and silence us and have total control. There may be a point where people like Brandon Dixon get arrested for being anti-government. Oh the irony.

Politics isn’t a show that we watch from the sidelines. It is personal as it impacts our lives. We only have one life and we can’t let anyone stand in the way of us being able to fulfill our true potential. We have to use the time we have to be our true authentic selves and speak our truth. I applaud the cast for taking the opportunity to make a stand. I would too if I had a soap box to stand on.

November 19, 2016


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