A Little Love for Hillary

Oh Hillary. I’m so sorry. 

Politicians are usually expected to be politicians, but not you. They held you up to an impossible standard and did all they could to sully your name while gleefully embracing a man that has a breathtakingly terrible record on family values, business acumen and ethics, humanitarianism and honesty. A man whose victory has inspired protests all over the nation and incited violent language and behavior amongst his supporters. A man who is so vile that so many of us find it difficult to look at his face without cringing.

Truth is that he isn’t victorious. In our heads and in our hearts he is not our President, and you my dear, didn’t really lose. You have motivated us to large scale grass-roots action. You have helped so many find their voice and we are going to be very fucking loud from now on.

Hillary, I’m so sorry for what they put you through. Your strength amazes me. Thank you for getting this far and for all your years of dedication to public service. Thank you for uniting us and inspiring us. I respect you very much. You are the epitome of grace, compassion, intelligence and perseverance. 

Thank you for being such a brilliantly Nasty Woman x

November 11, 2016


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