Yes, I Think It Might

I wrote this piece before the election one day when I was feeling frustrated and distressed. This was my emotional response to what I heard and saw during the 2016 election campaign period.  It’s writing that I wouldn’t describe as political so much as creative emotional expression. Politics is personal though so of course this springs from my beliefs that were being challenged and affronted at the time on a daily basis. I was angry. 

What is it that you really want?

Do you think that rounding up thousands of undocumented residents and busing them back over the border, splitting up families, tearing them away from their work and their life here will create more opportunity for you? Will it make you happier? Richer? Safer? You may be able to have their jobs which at the moment is at best minimum wage and mostly the type of work others are not willing to do. Is that what you want to do? Will creating a massive gaping hole in our community and in our lives make you feel good inside? Will that make you happy?

Yes, I think it might.

Do you really want to shut down clinics where women can get a pregnancy terminated safely? Do you want women to go back to the old ways of terminating their own pregnancies, hurting themselves and risking their lives? Do you want more unwanted babies that grow to be unwanted children raised by people who aren’t prepared and are ill equipped to raise kids in their circumstances? Perhaps some of these women are raped. Perhaps some are struggling with addiction. Perhaps in some the fetus isn’t developing as it should and to continue with the pregnancy would be harmful or fatal to the woman. Perhaps some really don’t have what it takes to bring a life into the world, but you want to force that situation? You want to make sure that all women and their lives are controlled by the state in line with your personal belief system? Will making people miserable make you feel happy, like you won something?  Lives could be destroyed because of policy you support and then you could go to sleep at night, turn your back on those lives and the pain that you helped create and think to yourself how happy you are about the fact that that your pro-life position was upheld. Would that really make you happy?

Yes, I think it might.

Do you really think it’s possible to stand at every airport, port and border and decide if someone is Muslim and then turn them away? Do you think you can actually put them on some transportation and send them back to where they came from? How can you tell what religion someone is? Who could you actually implement that policy and if you did, how much more hate toward us would that policy foster? Would that make you happy if people hated us more? Instead of continuing to forge partnerships and make allies in the fight against terrorist groups and activity, you think that treating Muslims badly and treating them all like they are something to fear is going to help us? Would alienating that many people around the world make you feel safer? Is that really what you want? Despite how this policy would harm us, would that make you happy?

Yes, I think it might.

What about your view on women? Do you honestly think that smart, educated, free spirited, creative, vibrant, loving, funny and ambitious women are going to stand by and let you say it’s OK for us to be treated like dirt? Do you think alienating and angering a vast number of women by discriminating against us, disrespecting us and harming us will bring you happiness? Do you think that when we feel hurt and vulnerable, angry and scared that we are going to go out of our way to cooperate with you? Work with you? Try to relate to you? We are your mothers, girlfriends, sisters, aunts, daughters, colleagues, and friends. We are here on this planet with you on this journey. Will hurting us make you happy?

Yes, I think it might.

Do you think someone like Donald Trump cares that you are struggling financially? Does he care about your kids? Does he care about your job, your environment, your health or your education? Why would he? Has he ever? Has he devoted his life to public service?

No he hasn’t.

He doesn’t care about you. He cares about himself and his wealth and his ability to hold onto his wealth. He cares about fame and power. He doesn’t care if you are hurting. He is so far removed from you in his golden palace that he can’t even see you. All you are to him is a means to an end which is more wealth and more power to serve his interests and the interests of the people who place him at the top.

If you plan to vote for him because all these things would make you happy, that’s very sad because you will never have what you want. If you want an all-white, all-Christian country where woman have no power over their own lives, you will be disappointed. Look at the world. Look at this country. Open your eyes. Look at our history. Trump isn’t going to be able to bring your fantasy to life and if you are serious about wanting those things so badly, there will be blood on your hands and blood on the soil of this country that you love so much. There will be resistance to you and what you believe in like this country has seen in the past and in the end, justice will reign, but only after much is lost.

I hope that if you plan to vote for Trump directly or indirectly that you realize that we are at a moment in time that is a major turning point. We are being swept along a wave, a surge for change and we are tired of your racist, misogynistic rhetoric and we will strive to rise above it.

If he wins we will rise.

I hope you can find happiness in the good that you have in your life. I hope that wanting to make other people miserable becomes something that you let go of and move away from. I hope you can find a way to work hard to build community, not divide it.

October 31, 2016


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