How the fuck can there be organized hate in the US in the form of white supremacy? Neo-Nazism? Who the fuck are these people, where did they come from, and how in earth can we as a society tolerate this poison?

We, meaning America and her allies, fought the Nazis in World War 2 and then spent decades afterwards trying to understand how the holocaust happened. We tried to understand how something so unimaginably horrific and depraved could have actually taken place so that we could collectively stop it from ever happening again. 

So we stand in our time with history stretched out behind us and we understand how fascists gain power. We know what propaganda is and how fascists use it to manipulate the masses. We know that one of the ways to encourage your followers to commit atrocities against targeted groups and individuals is to  systematically dehumanize your victims. We also know that whipping up hate and resentment toward targeted groups builds unity and power within your followers and increases their desire to act out on their hate. 

We know that if we give fascists power to enact their ideology they will destroy us. They will stop at nothing. If they control the police and the military, we will need to rely on outside help to save us.

We know that the only thing to stand in the way of something like the holocaust ever happening again is us and our resistance. 

If we resist on every level, and remain strong and be very smart we may be able to get through the next four years fairly intact to then elect a new President and administration into office.

Problem with fascists is that often they don’t allow free elections and if they do allow them in theory, they are often rigged in reality.

How did we get to this point in this country after all we have fought for both here on US soil and all over the world? Where are those true American values that much of the world once considered as benchmarks of a developed civilization?

If those values still exist that made this country strong at one time, then we have to live by them now, stand firmly together and “make America great again” through compassion, courage, the pursuit of justice, fairness, strength, kindness, hard work, persistence and goodwill towards others.

Resist friends. Resist against the tide of intolerance and hate that is darkening our lives.

Shine as brightly as you can. 

November 29, 2016




Tired of feeling like I’m in the wrong place, with the wrong people, doing the wrong thing at the wrong time heading in the wrong direction having made the wrong choices.

Some days I just feel like my true self is off somewhere living my true life in my true home while I just keep on being in this shell of myself, going through the motions. I need a change, but to what?

How does one find themselves again and how does one get to where they are supposed to be?

You know I meet people who seem really content and solidly inside of themselves but I’ve only ever wanted to keep moving. Perhaps I got gypsy in the blood. Perhaps that’s all it is.

November 25, 2016

It’s All Strategic

It’s all strategic. Pence attending a Broadway musical and Trump responding the way he did on Twitter. Everything they do, they do with intent.

Pence holds strong anti-LGBT views and would like to take the rights of LGBT people away.
Broadway theater has been a bastion of the arts, a safe and inclusive place for artists, people of all ethnicity, musicians, and the LGBT community. In fact, Broadway celebrates and embraces diversity.

The musical Hamilton celebrates much of what Pence stands against. The cast of the show was affronted by the pure fact that he was in the audience but instead of being confrontational they make an appeal to Pence to do the right thing when he is in office.

In response to this appeal Trump tweets like a mean school girl, twisting the fact of what had occurred to turn people against the people who made the appeal. He demands an apology from the cast for making their statement and request on their own turf. Trump is a bully. He has been doing this type of thing all along. He is an expert at manipulating these situations to the satisfaction of his followers.

This wasn’t Trump just being a little bitch. This was strategy.

Pence attended that Broadway show to make his presence felt within that community. Pence is making a statement, an attempt at appropriating this safe space, and thus making it unsafe. By attending a Broadway show on the eve of him and the rest of Trump’s cabinet taking control of the government Pence is basically saying “fuck you” to the LGBT community and their allies. He can go where he pleases. He can do what he pleases. These fascists are turning our country into an unsafe place where people are threatened in their daily lives-at school, at work, in the streets, and then Trump tells his followers that it was the cast of Hamilton that made the theater “unsafe”.

And don’t be surprised that Trump continues to use twitter.
Keep in mind how he and the people who campaigned for him used social media to communicate to his followers, spread lies and manipulate the masses. It’s what gave him rise to power. It’s his way of manipulating truth. Remember what he is. He has no values. No conscience. He will twist everything and manipulate his followers always. He will use our fear, hurt and anger against us. When we fall down he will encourage his followers to mock us. He won’t quit. And the more threatened he feels he will get nastier and more vitriolic and deceitful. He will do anything to try and silence us and have total control. There may be a point where people like Brandon Dixon get arrested for being anti-government. Oh the irony.

Politics isn’t a show that we watch from the sidelines. It is personal as it impacts our lives. We only have one life and we can’t let anyone stand in the way of us being able to fulfill our true potential. We have to use the time we have to be our true authentic selves and speak our truth. I applaud the cast for taking the opportunity to make a stand. I would too if I had a soap box to stand on.

November 19, 2016

The Alternate Universe

The annexation of the control of mass media by the incoming Trump administration is a full-frontal attack on our democracy. It is an unabashed attempt to control thought and it is deeply dangerous. The forces behind the media takeover are nothing short of fascist. The Trump takeover is more comprehensive and calculating than the similar efforts of Mussolini and Hitler combined, and more likely to achieve their underlying and sinister objectives.

Over the past months in particular, I have been reading a heck of a lot and trying to understand why things have gone the way they have. I’m no political scientist and I often struggle to grasp politics on this scale. I do attempt to understand the world I inhabit and I do try to keep an open mind and take all things in account when forming my opinions. I have really given this some thought and while struggling to wrap my head around all this, I noticed something.

Before the election I was very confused about the types of comments I was seeing from people who were passionately supporting Trump while passionately trashing Clinton. Some of the things they were saying made no sense to me. Based on the articles I had been researching and reading, none of their claims seemed to have any substance. Most of my friends and connections seemed to think the same way as I did and we couldn’t really fully grasp what was going on. The Trump that I saw was not the same Trump that his supporters seemed to see. The Clinton I saw and grew to admire and respect during her campaign was not the Clinton they saw. Something was amiss.

As we got closer to the election I felt certain that basic decency and common sense would prevail. I was sure that the majority of people throughout the country would feel as repulsed by Trump and Pence as I did. I felt certain that the majority of people would see Clinton as the only viable candidate based on her platform, her character and her experience.

But like many of you (not all of you), I was shocked and mortified when Trump was elected.

At first, in my attempt to understand it, I blamed it on many things. I attributed his success to the fact he is a demagogue who appealed to a deep seated racism which was exacerbated by a seething contempt for our first black President. I put it down to fear…fear of Islamic terrorism and fear of being “swamped” by undocumented Mexican immigrants. I thought that unemployment, poverty, drug addiction and despair in the Rust Belt had a lot to do with it. I also thought that the wide spread, deeply rooted misogyny filled the hearts of millions and prevented people, even women, from being able to bring themselves to vote for a woman.

But there was something else going on and I didn’t quite get it – until I heard that Trump was appointing Steven Bannon as his Chief Strategist in the White House. Steven Bannon, as in the former Chairman of Breitbart News, a website that pumps out fake, Alt-Right “news” stories. If you haven’t gone to Breitbart and looked at the headlines, do so now. It’s important.

Breitbart and other Alt-Right, radical fake “news” sites infiltrated the hearts and minds of millions. People didn’t realise that they were absorbing propaganda and didn’t reach outside of their Facebook newsfeeds to find alternative information and points of view. Remember just how tailored our newsfeeds are. When I said before that the Trump and Hillary that Trump supporters saw was not the same Trump and Hillary that I saw, I really meant that. We were living in alternate social media universes.

Facebook needs to address this world of alternate universes because rather than social media becoming this incredible tool to enhance democracy which is what many thought it would be as the  technology developed, it became a tool for the Alt-Right to manipulate vulnerable people and hide the truth.

I know that there were fake “left news” stories and memes also, and I also take issue with that. I even got caught posting one that had been called out on Snopes, and quickly took it down when someone brought it to my attention. However, some research on this has revealed that there was a much larger presence of fake alt-Right “news” being circulated around social media than that coming from the Left. Also, those Alt-Right “fake news” headlines are altogether disturbing and did a major disservice to our country and our people. They stirred up hate and promoted distrust in everything – our government, our people, and our allies. They even have many believing that climate change is a hoax, so when Trump says it, he is speaking their language and confirming what they believe, what they have been fed via these fake “news” sites. The people who are about to take over our government are people who used social media for their gains, and stopped at nothing to influence their readers when you look at the material they created and distributed.

So, Trump used these guys and social media to win the election and now it’s payback time.  Trump owes them and many others who backed him financially. That’s dark money I’m talking about and that’s why we are about to have a cabinet that will give many of us the creeps.

In addition to the internet being used as a tool to manipulate the masses, Fox News and other mainstream media establishments also peddled half-truths. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that. It was obvious to most of us how unfairly Clinton was treated and how much air time Trump was given in the lead up to the election. The Right’s complaints about how the media is “liberal biased” is just not true across the board.

Yesterday on the way to work I heard an advertisement paid for by the Koch Industries on my local NPR affiliate. It appears that National Public Radio has been accepting advertising money from Koch Industries for several months. That is extremely disturbing to me. If you do not know who Charles and David Koch are, they are two of the richest men in America and two of the biggest players in U.S politics. They are the founders and funders of a number of conservative and libertarian political organizations and think tanks. Back in June they announced that they were budgeting $889 million to back Trump in the 2016 election. When I heard the advertisement I wanted to scream from the roof top “get your grubby tentacles off our national public radio and save this bastion of authentic and ethical reporting” but it’s just all too late. It’s just all too late.

Do some research on these guys, the Koch brothers.  Learn about what these guys stand for and how they operate. Then tell me how clean Trump is, how “anti-establishment” he is, how he is the “voice of the people”, and how dark money and corruption didn’t deliver him to power.

When you think about who is behind Trump, and how much of the media has basically been taken over by the Alt-Right movement, you will start to understand the gravity of the situation if you haven’t already. I’m not even talking about your standard Republican politicians. Those guys I’d gladly invite over for dinner to chat about policy and life in general. Heck, I’d even make them my best roast chicken and pour them a glass of Aussie Cab Sav. Those guys are milk toast compared with what’s moving into the White House.

The Trump takeover is pervasive and real, and yes, it is without question our own American brand of fascism. At this point, nothing is more important than to fight against the normalization of the imminent crushing of dissent. This is terrifying. Don’t become complacent.

November 25, 2016

Bring It

september-2012-080When we start out in our careers, I think that we may need to suffer through some insecurity and self doubt, working out our worth, developing our skills and aptitude. Then, after some time with growth and maturity we absolutely have to move beyond the self doubt, embrace who we are and what we have to offer and acknowledge our strengths. We need to use our talents and skills with confidence and take pride in what we accomplish along the way. We need to bring it all to the table with joy. It’s all a waste of time otherwise. We have to be all we can be. Step-up and bring it.

November 25, 2016


He Didn’t Make Them Racist

He didn’t make them racist but he gave them a voice. He riled them up. He validated them. He directed their anger and fear and frustration toward women, Muslims, Mexicans and the LGBT community. He was belittling and disrespectful towards people through his entire campaign and his followers lapped it up like it was reality tv. He spoke their language. He said he would take away the rights of others in order to gain influence and power and votes. And he did. He pandered to them. A very rich, egotistical, narcissistic, shoddy businessman and b-grade entertainer with no experience with our political system except being on the outside of it and trying to manipulate it for his own personal benefit will soon be their President. Do they think he will do anything good for them? That he cares about them?

So now we wait.

November 20, 2016


Some people seem completely unaffected by the election result. It’s like millions were watching an entertaining sitcom for the past year which was filled with salacious scandals and intrigue and then the final episode was on Election Day. Now they are moving onto a new tv series, and they tell the rest of us to “move on” and “get over it”. It’s utterly perplexing to me. Perhaps they don’t fully understand what’s coming down the pike. Perhaps I don’t.

November 23, 2016