I stumbled across a documentary on YouTube last night about Kate Bush. It contained a lot of footage of her when she was very young. She was 16 when she recorded her very early tracks and they were blindingly beautiful and unique.

She comes across so sweet and easily friendly and yet her music is some sort of emotional force that finds its way into your cells and settles there. She stirs your imagination and a deep feminine energy inside. She taps into something ancient. She is an enigma to me because she comes across so differently in interviews than how I envision her when I listen to her music.

How many facets of us are there? How much of ourselves remains untapped? What version of us do people see and what version of the people we love do we see? How much is suppressed in us?

How do we manage to be our true authentic selves when so much depends on us not being so?

July 20, 2016

Deeply Australian

Feeling deeply Australian today. Yearning to be back on Australian soil, with that bright light sun on my face and the scent of eucalyptus enveloping me.

The salt air in Manly. Fish and chips on The Corso, and a cold beer at one of the pubs.

I miss the sense of belonging and relative peace.

I miss the rain, the storms and the windy, wild days.

I miss my sister, and my parents and my friends who have stayed true. I miss their easy going ways. Their beautiful laugh lines etched deep by those long days squinting in the sun. I miss their casual affection.

God … I miss it all. I’m sick for home.

July 20, 2016