I was laying on a grassy embankment close to the water’s edge beneath a tree with my girl today and a guy sets up at a picnic table not far from us and starts playing the ukulele. He plays these classic rock tunes with a Hawaiian flair and we listen as the notes mingle with the sound of the sea and the birds overhead. After a while I mention how lovely it is to hear him play. We chat a little about the instrument in relation to what it’s like to play a guitar and he tells me some things about his life. Then he asks me if I want a CD. I think he is asking me if I want to buy one. Then he says that he doesn’t sell them, he just gives them away. So I gratefully accept one and we chat a little more and he goes on playing. He leaves and I thank him for the chat and the music.

It’s late now and I am listening to the sound of the waves crashing and the crickets and my daughter’s breathing as she sleeps. I’m also listening to the sound of the ukulele turned down low, playing the CD that I was given today. It’s the sound of this place and it makes me glad to be alive.

April 2, 2016



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