At Their Mercy


Emotional instability
Mental illness
Cultural sickness
Educational deficits
Spiritual void
Social isolation and
No sense of belonging
Cold hearts
Fueled by hate
Easy access to some of the most powerful weaponry ever created…in abundance

Leads to…

Senseless death, terror, loss, pain, sorrow, damage, horror, permanent scars, deep suffering, endless grief, fear, uncertainty, confusion…

Why do we as a society choose to live like this?

The time for thoughts and prayers is over.

This is a time for action.

Radical regulation.

If we accept this as the price we must pay for our freedom to own guns without tight regulation then we are a basic, underdeveloped, inhumane and uncivilized society.

Can’t we all see that we are not free?

We are not free.

We are at their mercy.

December 2, 2015


2 thoughts on “At Their Mercy

    1. I am sad too. These blogs are more about what I feel than what I know. There is so much history, culture and politics behind the incidents of mass shootings and terrorist attacks…and some would say they are the same thing…they cause terror. I’ll write about this when I am full of fear, sadness, frustration and anger. I don’t have very much hope regarding things improving any time soon.


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