I like to dream about things.  There are many things I dream about doing. I want to survive my kid’s teens, and one day get a post-graduate degree, move into a management level position in a non-profit that does work I believe in or start my own organization. I dream about volunteering in the Peace Corps for two years, having my son record all my songs, writing a sexy, mind bending novel, backpacking through South America, living in San Francisco for a while, running a half marathon with my daughter, holding a couple of beautiful grand kids, stripping my possessions down to the very bare basics, simplifying my life and getting as close as possible to being my true, authentic self. I’d like to achieve some inner peace if I can. I dream about feeling free, creative, and inspired till the end.

What do you dream about doing? Who do you dream about being?

November 13, 2014

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