I’ll Believe You


If you feel you have been discriminated against, exploited, abused, overlooked, treated unfairly, taken advantage of or made to feel bad about yourself because of the way you dress or the shape of your body, I’ll listen to you. I won’t roll my eyes when you tell me about how that mistreatment made you feel. I won’t try to minimize it or make you feel like you are over reacting or that you somehow brought it on yourself. I’ll understand. I’ll see it for what it is. I’ll stand by you and speak up for you. I’ll feel angry with you and share your pain, disappointment and frustration and I’ll help you refocus and push through, forward and onward. I’ll remind you how capable, resilient and beautiful you are inside and out. I’ll remind you that sometimes we trust too much, we don’t see the forest for the trees because we are so immersed in the trees all of the time that it’s easy for us to get lost. We can lose ourselves and we can easily start to believe that somehow they are right and that there is something wrong with us.

When you need someone to believe in you…to believe you…I’ll believe.

July 31, 2015


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