I’ve always thought about real attraction as having not much to do with whether you think someone is fat or thin, tall or short or particularly good looking or not. Attraction is deeper and something that happens despite your conscious decisions about what you think someone looks like. I mean, there are plenty of people around that I think are nice to gaze at but I’m not attracted to them in that magnetic way. It’s a feeling that you have no control over. Attraction. That’s why I think that so much talk about body image is sort of beside the point. People sometimes meet people that they think aren’t a great match or “not their type” but there is an energy or chemistry there that is undeniable. I guess I am mostly reflecting on my experiences as a young, unmarried woman but even through life you know that some people you just connect with in an intense kind of way and it has very little or nothing to do with their looks. You connect with their heart, mind and energy.

So, we shouldn’t be so preoccupied with whether we have a few extra pounds or lines or whatever because there will always be people out there that will want to connect with you as long as you let your true self shine.

September 10, 2015

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