It’s All There


Recently I asked someone for their opinion about a piece I’d written. It was written a few months ago. It was about a part of my travels in Thailand. My friend assumed the trip was fairly recent. I worked out in my head right then while we were talking that I had written about a trip I made 20 years ago. My friend stared at me a little stunned because the details recalled were quite remarkable.

Then I said that I believed that everything we see, hear, learn, feel and experience in any way is in us, stays with us. Each moment of joy, pain, loss, humiliation and fright are all packed away inside us. These memories and stored emotions are not on the surface all of the time, or at the same time, as that would drive us insane. However, they are all there for recall, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. They are all there. It’s all there … all that life.

Friends, when I look at you, I know that there are billions of moments of emotion and an immeasurable amount of stored information about our world inside you. There is so much to all of us. We are so much.

Think about that when you look into the eyes of your friends, family and co-workers and know that there is a whole lifetime up to this given point before you. Also, note that when you hurt someone, that hurt stays with that person always. I don’t think hurt dissolves. I don’t think it dissipates and I don’t think we can just “let go” of hurt as we often hear people say we should (well-meaning friends, counselors, talk show hosts, spiritual gurus). I believe we build up scar tissue and forge on with our lives as best we can.

I also believe that when you treat someone with kindness and respect, that also leaves a mark on them. I like to think that when you treat people well, it lays the foundation of hope within them, heals their heart a little, and serves as a seed that grows and bares fruit to nourish others.

We store everything. It’s all there. It’s astounding.

October 29, 2015


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