Keeping the Faith

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I always said that community work was my religion. By that I meant working for people in my community. It’s my belief system, my life philosophy. It’s my identity and my passion. I really always believed in it and I’ve lived it since I was nineteen years of age. However, throughout the years of work for numerous organizations and government departments I’ve encountered corruption, nepotism, favoritism, exploitation, unfairness, sexism, ageism and unaddressed and/or rewarded incompetency. I’m losing faith. I’m losing heart. I’m struggling to hold onto my love for it. How does one do that? How do you keep the faith when your idealism is shattered and your heart is fractured? How do you keep the faith when you have been mistreated or people you care about have been?

I think that you just focus on what’s good, just and right. You just dig really deep and find your inner resources to keep going and look into your heart to know what’s right. I think you just keep doing the work you can, as best as you can in environments that are as close to one’s ideal as possible. Perhaps also, look to create that environment, that culture, lead people into something good and decent, clean and worthwhile.

I’ll never give up. I’ll always be a community worker. I may never be a leader with a title that says I am, but I’ll lead by example. I’ll lead in my own way, right in the mix, working with people to make things better.

July 21, 2015


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